Pet cat Purin relocating home from SG

Pet Purin is leaving Singapore soon. We brought him for his medical check-up this afternoon. The all clear was given by his Vet and should be on his way home in the next few days.

We can relocate your pets for you

Singapore Pet Hotel relocated this German Shepherd to Singapore a few days ago. Contact us at 96528428 if you want to relocate your pets.

Rabbit Mikan relocated from Japan to Singapore

This rabbit came from Japan last night and Singapore Pet Hotel did the relocation formalities so he could settle in Singapore. Contact 96528428 if you require our assistance to relocate your pet from anywhere to Singapore and vice versa.

These pets were relocated to Singapore by Singapore Pet Hotel from Japan. Contact us at 91904077 or 96528428 if you like us to assist you to relocate your pets to Japan or anywhere else vv.

This pair of toy poodle was relocated by Singapore Pet Hotel recently. Contact us at (65)96528428 if you need your services.

Relocation of dog, Singapore

Moving this Border Collie to another country. He was certified fit to "fly" soon.

Relocation your dog,cat or rabbit etc ?

These were some of the pets relocated to Singapore or from Singapore to
other countries by Singapore Pet Hotel in June. Please contact us if you need to relocate your pet or pets.

Pet relocation SG ( two cats from Japan)

These two cats came in by cargo this morning. Singapore Pet Hotel staff collected them and sent them to CAPQ for AVA clearance.

Pet Relocation SG

They were imported/relocated to SG by Singapore Pet Hotel a few days ago.

Pet relocated to Jakarta,Indonesia from Singapore

Singapore Pet Hotel exported/relocated this toy poodle to Jakarta, Indonesia a few days ago. He is now relaxing in his new JKT home.

Toy Poodle relocated from Japan to SIngapore

Relocation/Export/Migration of dogs to Germany and Japan

These two pet dogs underwent a medical check to ascertain whether they were fit to fly off to Germany and Japan. After an hour of waiting and medical checks, they were certified fit to be relocated to their respective countries.

Pet relocation S'pore

Pet dog relocated to SG from Japan this morning.

Medical checks before going to Japan

Brought them for their medical check-ups before relocating them to Japan.